I’m a little bit late posting this one but were are still in the autumn season! Rich reds, outstanding oranges and bold browns always this seasons most popular colours. Everyone should invest in buying flowers during this season so then them cold nights when your staying in you have the warm feel of flowers to make you smile! So here I have my top favourite autumn flowers (so get yourself down to your local florist to buy the seasonal flowers)

Amaranthus – deep pink/red colour fabulous for height in arrangements . This fluffy flower gives a immense texture to bouquets and really makes them look full and flowing.












Celosia – This type of celosia is called fresh look orange, its a very unusual flower again similar to amaranthus it has a fluffy texture. One of the fabulous things about this flower in autumn is it really gives a flaming hot feel and certainly eye catching. A negative about celosia is that it doesn’t tend to last very long, the stems can be quite weak and you start to notice early it looses its colour and goes brown – but defiantly one of my favourites





Lily’s – This type of lily is called asiatic orange tiger lily, you can buy these all year round but they are most popular in autumn due to the striking orange complexion. Lily’s are like marmite you either really like it or you really hate it, they have a beautiful scent which is super for in your home to keep away any bad odours . Once a lily starts to open you notice the pollen falls off and can often stain fabrics so its best to remove them as soon as they open.

TOP TIP: If the pollen does fall off onto clothing or carpets etc do not scrub it because that will make it worse and you will find it will never come off, get some cello tape and dab it till most of the bits have gone! :

Gerbera – one word WOW!! I love gerbera’s and especially the flamboyant orange. People often call them daisies and you can see why. They are incredibly popular for florists and customers and not very expensive to buy. I always think gerbera’s make people smile :) they are a happy flower perfect for get well gifts and birthdays, and an excellent idea to add in your home for Halloween parties… black and orange! You don’t need to buy many for them to look eye catching and they are nice just on there own with no other flowers or foliage, just nice and simple.


Physalis –  This is a very unusual flower they look like little lanterns, you tend to get about ten heads on one stem. The are particularly good for working with because you can wire the heads together to create something a bit different and autumnal. Physalis is native to tropical regions and can shrivel up if they get cold.

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