Valentine’s Day


♥14th February… valentine’s day!! For florists one of the busiest days of the year.♥

The most popular gift for valentine’s is roses… particularly red. Its still very traditional for people to send 12 red roses on valentines day.

Valentine’s day dates back to the 14th century from a Christian named saint valentine, the day is to show love and affection to others. Valentines day is the most popular day for proposals to take place!

Roses naturally growing season is september/october time so the rest of the year they are force grown. This explains why roses aren’t  scented  very often because its not natural to them.  This does not affect the quality throughout the rest of the year though, and their are hundreds of different varieties and colours of roses. The most popular rose would be the grand prix rose, they tend to be very large headed with deep red velvet petals.


Valentines day popular request also include coloured roses such as black roses called black bacarra, they are not black but are very dark red and always turns out to be quite popular at valentines. Some roses are dyed different colours blue roses and rainbow roses are often requested.


Sending 12 red roses isn’t just about sending flowers it stands for passion and love and also signifies 12 months throughout the year. The number 12 represents a full cycle so roses are often sent for anniversary’s throughout the year as well! Different coloured roses have different meaning, customers are often interested as to what they all mean- so here is my conclusion

Red- love, passion
White -purity, peace, innocence
Yellow- friendship and warmth
Pink – femininity, elegance, happy
Orange -enthusiasm, fiery ,desire

Rose’s significant number meanings:-

Single rose means I LOVE YOU and devotion to one person
Two – mutual love for one another
Three – 3 words I LOVE YOU
Twelve – full cycle of 12 months
Twenty four – Think of you 24 hours a day 


 Valentines day as a florist always bring different opportunities , a few times I’ve made a huge display of roses for someone very lucky. Consisting of 100 red roses, it was heavy and it was huge!



Here’s a hand tied I made in white last year… not everyone likes red roses! :)


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