Step into spring

Were stepping into spring and what a joy it always it!! The best days are when the sun is out all the flowers are in bloom but the air is fresh and just slightly crisp. I ♥ spring – lots of wild flowers, colours and scents :)

So my post is about spring flowers, plants, bulbs and perfect little gift ideas!


The hyacinth is a bulb plant, it’s best known for its delightful strong scent (which I love but it makes me sneeze).
They make a fantastic little gift especially this one rustically wrapped in Hessian.
Hyacinth’s open out to be a lovely flowers in a range of colours from blue’s, pinks, purples and white’s. The purple/blue is my favourite especially in spring complimented with bright yellow flowers. They look fabulous in the garden,baskets, pots, even arranged in clear glass vases so you can see the roots! Ditch the plug in air fresheners and invest in buying a hyacinth in the home you will definitely smell the difference :)


Snowdrops are again a bulb! They are perfect delicate white flowers in the shape of a bell.
They flower in early spring and can also flower in late autumn –  tend to see them in patches in woodland. 


Ranunculus are nicely formed flowers, containing of layers and layers of petals to create a little round flower.
Also Buttercups are related to the Ranunculus family  and they bloom in spring time!
They come in a range of different colours from soft pastels to cerise pinks, people often think they are roses because of all the petals they have.  They are often seen in arrangements or bridal work for weddings 

Pussy willow

Now this is one of my personal favourites pussy willow!! It flowers in late winter and early spring.
One of the great things about pussy willow is it last ages!! Its lovely just in a vase on its own or complimented with other flowers, it pretty much goes with anything but specifically looks lovely with all white’s! :)  


Muscari is a bulbous plant and its most common colour is blue. 
Muscari is lovely for in the garden or makes a lovely gift in a pot but it even nicer as a cut flower! It’s only very short so its limited as to what you can do with it, its again popular for weddings in the bridal work and buttonholes :)


Tulips bloom naturally in spring and are extremely popular around march/april for customers to buy as cut flowers.
They come in a range of colours (purple is my favourite). Tulips when cut as a flower and put in water carry on growing so they often need to be re cut to stop them from getting top heavy and drooping! TOP TIP if the tulip does start to droop get a pin and just push it in under the flower head, this will release air and help water up the stem!! 
Tulips are always very popular in florists they look fabulous with other spring flowers or even nicer tied together on their own, they also look lovely arranged in goldfish bowls :)


Another bulbous plant… the crocus. A lovely delicate little flower its most popular colours are purple, yellow and white.
They are dwarf plants so don’t grow very big but they are lovely and colourful for the garden!


They look very similar to crocus but their not the same. Iris as a cut flower can be bought all year round but naturally in England it blooming time is spring. Again its  very colourful so lovely for in the garden.


The most famous spring flower/plant/bulb has to be daffodils! 
They make excellent gifts, often people buy them for in the home and they are inexpensive which is always a bonus!
The plants are called tete a tete which is basically just a miniature daffodil again from a bulb, they will re bloom year after year! :)
TOP TIP when buying daffodils do not put them in water until they start to open… they will last longer!

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley again another bulb plant.
It is very delicate and tiny flowers comes in white and has a soft scent. Very short stemmed so limited use as a cut flower but lovely for in the garden!

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