Black and white wedding theme

Black and white is a very classy colour and has always been quite popular and still is. I’ve designed these photo boards with information below regarding each one.

1) Bride’s bouquet consisting of ranunculus and foliage wrapped in beautiful black and white stripy  ribbon.

2) Bride’s bouquet with all white carnations compactly tied together with black ribbon, simple yet bold!

3)Bride’s bouquet – wow this looks really effective… all black and white anemone’s . The stems have been wrapped in black and white ribbon with 3  broaches for a bit of sparkle. I think this one is my favourite!

4)Table display very simple and elegant, white calla lily’s staggered with foliage, tied with white ribbon and arranged in a round bowl, it looks very fresh and classy.

5) Bride’s bouquet – white calla lily’s with bold black ribbon.

6)Bride’s bouquet…a beautiful outstanding phalaenopsis white orchid would certainly make you stand out on your special day.

7)Bride’s bouquet again the lovely clack and white anemone’s complimented with white akito roses and tied with black and white stripy ribbon.  

8)Bride’s bouquet with simple white calla lily’s wrapped in simple black ribbon but pearl headed pins have been used for effect.

9)Bride’s bouquet consisting of all white peonies, looks fresh and soft.

10)Wrist corsage, this would be suitable for guests or even your bridesmaids… very simple but great for finishing touches.

11)Table arrangements- Black and white gerbera’s simply arranged in a glass cube vase with black sand. Having a few of them together makes them stand out more.

12) Bride’s bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets compactly tied together mainly all roses.

13)Table arrangement- black and white gerbera’s stand tall in this display, the stems are held together in sand at the bottom of a lovely wide cylinder vase.

14)Bride’s bouquet of all white roses- very popular choice for bride’s

15)Buttonholes- white akito roses decorated with black foliage and a tiny piece of black and white dotty ribbon.


And don’t forgot all the other bits and bobs like the car, the wedding dress, favours, cake, wedding venue, invitations, dance floor, chair covers and photography.


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