Polka dot wedding theme (part 1)

Polka dots are all in at the moment and give a bit of wow to the all important wedding day. You can use lots of different polka dot items on your wedding day to bring the theme together and create a perfect dotty image.
Below are a collection of ideas I have put together to give bride’s and wedding theme idea with a bit of difference. My main focus is the flowers but its what you can do with them on your wedding day that can make all the difference.

Top row – polka dot wedding dress to match the polka dot shoes (bright shoes look outstanding on photographs) the flowers on the top row are cerise pink gerbera’s and cerise pink roses clustered together perfect for a table display. The flowers on the right are just an idea of what you can do with some patterned galvanised containers and a pair of polka dot wellies. If your theme is polka dot with a more natural vintage feel then you can fill the containers with lovely pastel shade flowers and dot them around your venue and the wellies you can also fill with flowers and maybe put them at the door entrance. It’s something different, you can keep them after and re use them (the wellies that is) and it will make a lovely wedding photograph!

Second row – Again cerise gerbera’s to decorate a cake as they are bold and funky, and an arrangement  with limes in the bottom for something unusual and colourful. To the right a compact cerise pink gerbera bridal bouquet, maybe tie the stems in polka dot ribbon to make it a bit more outstanding.

Third row –  Polka dot either confetti cones or favours, bridesmaid dress to  the right and in the middle more bride and bridesmaid flowers of cerise pink polka dot style bouquets. And next to it a single headed gerbera in a small glass vase which could be used to decorate tables, bars and toilets.

Bottom row – Polka dot favour box or gift box, Grooms buttonholes which is a white gerbera which compliments his cerise pink accessories well and next to it more bridal flowers of a different shade of pink and finally pink polka dot ribbon which can be used through the entire wedding. Tie it around your flowers, your buttonholes, invitations,  chairs, cake etc.
The Red polka dot theme is very similar idea’s just very different in vibrant red.

Top row- red gerbera bridal bouquet and next to it a polka dot tea pot. I haven’t put a teapot there for a pot of tea its a fab idea for table centrepieces, you can have a small arrangement of flowers inside it and put them in the middle of your tables – its something a bit different and yet modern and funky. To the right polka dot bunting for decorations ad table numbers.

Second row –  shoes, dress and more polka dot style bride and bridesmaid flowers and the ribbon to the right  could be tied around the flowers to tie in with the theme.

Bottom row – single white gerbera  in small glass vases with red dye in the water, these can be used to decorate smaller spaces such as the bar, reception or toilets. The red and white polka dot welly again can be used as a decoration by adding flowers to it as a arrangement with a twist. Next to that is a grooms buttonholes to match the other wedding flowers and at  the end a table centrepiece of compact red gerbera’s with twisted foliage in the vase.

Keep watching more colours coming soon….

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