Floral patterns and vintage weddings

I love vintage and floral patterns they have been, and still are very popular.The textures of the patterns can be used to decorate and create a theme for your wedding. I love to see colours and shades put together its so hard to picture an image till you see it.I have designed 3 picture boards of my 3 favourite vintage floral pattern idea’s for weddings, shades of pinks, rustic peaches and browns and finally blue and lilacs. You could use the floral material as a table cloth for your wedding tables or get your florist to incorporate it in your bridal work.

Pinks -table centrepieces, bride’s bouquet, ceramic planters, decorated jam jars, bird cages, milk churns
Rustic colours- browns, peaches, soft pinks, off white’s very vintage traditional colours. Bird cages for guests notes,arrangements in ceramic cups, bride’s bouquets, lace material and pearls.

Blue’s and lilacs – Pure white flowers in bottles and jars, bride’s bouquets, blue¬†traditional¬†jam jars of different shapes and sizes.

Please let me know which one is your favourite! :)

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