10 Questions to ask your florist when getting your wedding flowers

Here is my top 10 questions to ask your florist when ordering your wedding flowers (from a florist perspective)…hope it helps, any questions feel free to ask!

1) Can you advise me about what colour to go for?
You may have already chosen your colour scheme most bride’s usually have but some colours are hard to match so ask your florist what they would recommend you use. Darker colours may need breaking up with a touch of foliage or a paler colour. Take any samples colours of dresses with you to meet your florist, it will help them visualize what you want.

2) Have you worked at my venue before?
Ask your florist if they have worked at your venue before, this way they can advise you where people usually have arrangements and what works best. All rooms are different heights and some arrangements only look right in tall rooms, your florist should be able to advise you  and if they haven’t seen the venue check to see if they are willing to meet you there to get a feel for the place and what you want.

3) Which flowers will suit your day?
Make sure your florist understands the vision of what you want your flowers to do on your wedding day. If you want the dramatic wow factor they can suggest ideas to you and show you pictures of previous work they have done, or if its just something simple on the tables make it clear that you don’t want fussy flowers and that you would like to keep it clean and fresh.

4) What style bride bouquet is best?

Tell your florist what your dress is like then they can advise you which style bouquet to go for. The style of your dress and your height can make a difference on which style bouquet you choose to hold. If you have any pictures of anything you have seen in a magazine then take it with you and then can advise you about the flowers and style.

5) What flowers are in season?
If you don’t know much about flowers then you may find you will pick a picture off the internet and find when you show your florist the flowers may be out of season.  Your florist will be able to advise you if anything is out of season and advise you on  something similar. If you are worried about your not sure what flowers the florist is talking about and I’f the colour is right ask the florist to get in a sample then you can double check its what you want.

6) I’m on a budget is this a problem?
Lots of bride’s are always on a budget so make sure you tell your florist what your budget is at the start so they can give you an idea of what types of costs your talking about for the things you want and always give you ideas for cheaper options if necessary.

7) Can I see a sample?
Some bride’s like to see a sample before there big day, don’t be alarmed if the florists ask you to pay for this service. If you have already paid a deposit with them then they may not charge you but If you haven’t booked with them yet they may charge you to cover there costs. Samples do always help if you struggle to imagine what it may be like.

8) Do you deliver?
Most florists will delivery your flowers but some weddings can be far out so check they will deliver and how much this cost will be and if you need them to set up anything at your venue check how much they will charge for this service. Make sure they break down all the costs for you to understand and that It’s not one lump figure .

9) Will you collect my hired equipment?
Make sure you ask your florist if they will collect your vases etc from your venue after the wedding, the last thing you want is a bill for missing items so manage between the venue staff and your florist on a safe place to keep them and when is best to collect.

10) How and when do I pay?
Check with your florist what’s the best way to pay is and when the total amount needs to be paid in full. Check with them that its ok to add on things last minute if need be.

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