Flowers for wedding hair

Wedding hair is very important on your big day and you want it to be perfect because everyone will be looking at you, from flowers to accessories there is a range of things available for your hairdresser to work with. Often brides decide last minute they want flowers for the hair but don’t know where to start, so here are some top flowers that will add the finishing touch.

A very small dotty delicate flower which is a very traditional and often used to decorate wedding hair.


Orchids again are very delicate and fragile flower but has a lovely shape and they come in lovely colours such a crisp white and this deep fuchsia


The Most popular wedding flowers are roses, for bold statements use large headed roses and for just a touch of something ask for spray roses which are smaller. Roses come in a huge choice of colours so there is always something to match.



Head circlets used to be very traditional but recently they have started to make a big come back… from simple foliages to over sized floral creations. Fabulous for a vintage wedding.

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