Four Festive Favourites

Only Four sleeps to go till Christmas, so here is four festive favourite flowers for Christmas.


Holly wreath’s are very traditional to be hung on the door and can be decorated with accessories.
Table arrangements accompanied with seasonal traditional foliages such as holly and spruce.
Bouquets made with deep reds , flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations and lily’s in which the flowers are available all year round but are traditionally used at Christmas.

2 Modern

Modern  arrangements  consisting of a Christmas flower amaryllis, very simple modern designs.
Cymbidium orchids make a lovely  Christmas gift and a elegant modern arrangement.
Instead of a traditional door wreath this heart is more of a modern twist, small arrangement of flowers attached to a wicker heart.

3 Wintery 

Winter bouquets made up of crisp white’s and silvers, a very poplar colour choice at Christmas.

4 Festive 

Festive decorations such as using cinnamon sticks throughout your bouquets and table arrangements or even on your Christmas tree.
Garlands attached on the staircase with gold sprayed pine cones to compliment the deep red flowers.
Or scented candles with a wreath arranged around it, perfect for a festive table display.

What’s your favourite???

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