My 2013 wedding trend predictions

Well were now in 2013 which means another season another trend. In 2012 we saw a lot of floral trends, garden parties and patriotic colours to celebrate the year of the jubilee, so what will this year bring!
It’s hard to predict what will happen in wedding trends but after flicking through some magazine’s I’m starting to feel that this years weddings will be pale pallets with hints of patterns throughout spring and early summer and then splashes of colour towards July and August. Have a quick peek at my predictions and later in the year we can look back and see I’f I was right :)
P.S Let me know which one you like best!


Vintage has been popular for a few years and is still very in… And with vintage lace being seen throughout fashion trends I think it will be very popular with weddings this year. Lace can be incorporated throughout the entire wedding giving a clean and elegant finish.


Something a little bit unusual that I keep coming across is succulents, Succulents are basically a ornamental plant which are long lasting and holds water. They can be used as a decoration in with your wedding flowers, they are pasty colours which coordinate with most palettes and give a country natural feel to wedding bouquets.

Last year was popular for accessories and I think this year will be the same. Simple, elegant flowers dressed up with sparkly accessories such as  pearls, diamantés and brooches. They can be coordinated in the hair, dress, flowers and shoes.


♥Budget weddings
As everything is increasing and all he bills are going up a lot of people are having to cut back and budget there spending and I think we will see this throughout wedding season. What people would spend a fortune on is now more what they can afford to pay rather than what they want …but this isn’t so bad because less is more in some cases.

Jam jars were very popular for the jubilee year with lots of garden party style weddings and I think we will still see this in summer with small simple centrepieces with  individual flowers and vases . I think we will also see some DIY weddings with bride’s buying the flowers and arranging them themselves to cut a few costs.



♥Hot pink
Hot pink is always a popular choice for weddings in summer and I think this year it will be a popular palette again. From the bridesmaid dresses, to the venue and the flowers cerise pink can be used as a striking splash of colour for a wedding and summer is a great time for pink flowers as there is a large selection available.

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