Weddings with a dash of coral

Well back at the beginning of the year I predicted wedding trends for this year, but a colour that I didn’t see coming was these unusual colour pallets of dashes of coral, peaches and salmon pinks .

Bride’s are choosing these unusual colours which flower wise are really hard to match up. Pinks are easier to match but when it comes to coral and peach the choice of flowers is limited especially if its not an early summer wedding. What a lot of people don’t realise is that all these lovely pictures you see online aren’t always the same colour when you see it in the flesh and with these colours it really does have to be right or it could clash with the rest of the wedding.

Below are some samples of flowers from the colour pallet above.

 Rose (Movie star)
Rose (peach avalanche)
Rose(Prima Dona)
David Austin rose (Juliet)
Peony (Coral supreme)
Peony (Coral charm)

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