Mother’s day (30th march 2014)

Don’t forget Mother’s day, 30th March this year!!
With dashes of sun shining (hopefully) and life full of smiles in spring don’t forget to spoil your mum with flowers this mother’s day.

Check out my top selection of what’s hot and see my top tips of flower care:-

1. Daffodills
A traditional mother’s day flower which is inexpensive bright and seasonal for mother’s day.
TOP TIP: Don’t put daffodills in water till they start to open, they don’t drink much water and last longer out of water till they start to flower!

2. Tulips
A very popular flower for mother’s day, tulips come in a array of different colours and are simple and elegant on there own.
TOP TIP: Tulips still grow out of water and may become top heavy…pierce a hole in the petal head with a pin to let some air get in and cut the stems daily and into fresh water, this should help the tulips last a touch longer!

3. Lilys
Like marmite you either like it or you don’t! Lilys are still very popular all year round but especially in spring people love to have them blooming in there homes to add a sweet scent.
TOP TIP: Lilys have brown pollen inside and people are often put off by previous stains they have had from them… If the pollen falls off onto carpet or clothes do not rub it as this will make it worse. Dab sellotape on the area to take off as much of the dusty pollen and hopefully that will remove most the stain!

There are so many different types of orchids but most popular are phalaenopsis and cymbidium. Whether it be as a cut flower or a plant, Mum’s just love them- ¬†they are long lasting and cymbidium are scented.

Mum’s,Nana’s just love freesia. Such a dainty flower with a powerful sweet scent often used to make perfume.
TOP TIP: Strip all the green bits from the bottom of the stems of freesia as this goes slimy in the water and will make the water go dirty quicker which means they wont last as long.

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