Florist v Supermarket

Do you often buy flowers from your supermarket because they are cheaper??……. Everyday people question me about price of flowers and compare florist prices to supermarket prices and I can completely understand why. Why would you go out of your way to a florist to buy flowers when you can pick some up for half the price when you’re going to the supermarket to pick up a few bits, I can’t stop people from doing this and people will always do this but I can explain why!

  • Supermarkets buy in large bulk so they buy thousands and thousands of flowers and have them packaged and distributed to all of their stores. Because they buy in huge quantities they can sell them at cheaper prices. Florist can’t afford to do this so that explains why you will pay more at a florist.
  • Florist’s can’t compete with supermarkets any more as they have their fingers in all pies but what we can do is persuade people to shop at there local independent stores because they are the people that will look after you. Supermarkets won’t tell you the best advice on the flowers you are buying and they won’t tell you where they came from or originate from or how old they are, but a professional florist will tell you this…for free!
  • Florist’s offer luxury packaging, wrapping and bows so your flowers that are for a gift look the best they can look and the florist will only let you leave there shop when they are happy to sell you that item. Supermarkets don’t prioritise in your need’s and the recipients needs they are just glad you spend money in there store. The sales assistant on the tills not going to advise you that the flowers you are buying might not last very long but a professional florist would only sell you the best product as they want you to come back.
  • I walked down a high street supermarket and in the window was a bucket of tulips in direct sun that was blazing through, I went inside- No air conditioning, flowers sat in red hot sun through a window that’s not what you want as a customer, but as a customer who may not know much about flowers this item would probably have been purchased.
  • I often walk past the flowers in supermarkets and I’m shocked at what I see… buckets and buckets of wide open lily’s with stains of pollen on the petals, full in bud roses with a guarantee date on that says 5 days when clearly they are not fit for sale, and clearance buckets with flowers that have been sat there all week but still not suitable to be sold. However you buy flowers and they don’t last and you take them back to your supermarket they will give you your money back, but you should never had had to take them back in the first place if they had sold you a quality product.
  • Your supermarket won’t be there for you when you need flowers for a more special occasion such as a wedding or a funeral but your local florist will be there for all your needs. Shopping local is so much more rewarding when you know you are buying quality and it doesn’t mean it has to be costly.

So I hope I can persuade some people out there to shop at there local flower shop and stop feeding out supermarkets with your hard earned money but the decision is yours! But now you know about us professional florist who are waiting to serve you :)

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